Sunday, January 10, 2016

October Catch-up

This is a mammoth post because I can't leave out any of the fun Halloween stuff!
First, a picture of Juliet painting at school.  You can see her on the left.  She's in the youngest 2-Day class and it's amazing watching her learn so much so quickly. She loves having me as a teacher and is never clingy when she sees me outside of class. Inside class--she sometimes is clingy, but not overly so.
 After I pick her up on Thursdays, the day she's in school but I'm not working, she climbs into the front seat while we drive to the back parking lot to buckle kids in. She loves this part of the day so much because she gets to feel big!
 Katrina made this craft that was actually a birthday gift.  She really enjoys sewing.
 Cute picture of Juliet waking me up in the morning.
 My parents sent me these pictures.  I didn't remember them at all, but finally figured out they were a photography assignment that my older sister Jolena did in high school.

 In October I decided that there would be no more "beebee", as Juliet called her pacifier (she picked that name up from her friend Quinnie.  I decided to come as the Beebee Fairy.  I dressed up and came three days in a row, bearing gifts in a bag for Juliet.  Each day she gave me a pacifier and I gave her a toy in return.  She loved it so much she kept trying to give me more beebees for more toys, but I made it last three days! She was cranky for the rest of the month about it, but the Beebee Fairy worked! And this photo is deceptive, I don't really still fit into my wedding dress. :) That's why I'm wearing a cardigan over it in this picture, ha, because it doesn't zip!
 Juliet with one of her toys from the Beebee Fairy.
 Sometimes the simplest toys are the best.
 Wearing Katrina's helmet.
 Katrina wrote this testimony.
 This month Juliet went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch.

 We visited a nearby farm for our pumpkins.
 She fell asleep with hers!
 I took Katrina to a real place to get her haircut instead of doing it myself!  I had them layer it.
 Visitors in my sewing area!
 Halloween parade, Juliet as a young Gryffindor (shortest in her class!)

 Harry Potter himself!
 And Hermione!

 Ward party fun.

 Luna Lovegood and an unnamed Ravenclaw gentleman.

 And the highlight of our month was truly Auntie Em's birthday party on Halloween! It was Hogwarts-themed and we all got into it.  It was truly the best party I'll probably ever go to. :)

We arrived and were greeted by Hogwarts staff members.

 Each child was sorted.  The Sorting Hat (Adam) was creative and put each kid where they wanted.  Ravenclaw!
 Katrina muttered, "Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw" under her breath, and the Sorting Hat must have known, because he put her there too! Juliet is not pictured, but she is in Ravenclaw as well so her family will all be there!
 Then we went downstairs to partake in more fun.  All the Hogsmeade shops had brought little booths to the school for the children.

 Broom shop.
 Little cafĂ© with Trelawney reading tea leaves!
 Three Broomsticks.
 Flourish and Blotts.

 Helga Hufflepuff was there.  Not pictures are also Slughorn and Snape!


 Team James!
 The Great Hall.

 (There's Snape in the front.)
 Emblems of the four houses.

 The two youngest Hogwarts students playing non-Wizard Chess.
 And the trick-or-treating!  Trust me, we made an impression with our themed costumes. :)

 At this point, my photo files are out of order but I'm going to go with it.  We got some family pictures this month for free from a fundraiser at my work.
 Photos of the capes I made the kids for their costumes. Juliet insisted on glasses like Daniel.

 Pumpkin carving/painting. Adam and I have a system--he guts it and I carve it.

 Aaaand, another family picture for good measure.